Lote3 performance: disinvented music. 1st of December

Lote3 (Carina Levitan & Graham MacKeachan) will perform via a three-way video connection, linking Hundred Years Gallery with Fundação ECARTA in Porto Alegre, Brasil and with sound artist Luciana Bass in Berlin.

Brasilian musician and artist Carina Levitan and London bassist Graham MacKeachan began playing as Lote3 in 2010, performing compositions from graphic scores and free improvisations using traditional stringed instruments, circuit-bent electronics and household objects.

Their work has expanded to include field recordings made simultaneously in different continents which are then combined in the Cinema Intercontinental series. They first performed via intercontinental video link in 2011 for Casa M, the cultural space of the 8ª Bienal do Mercosul. Subsequent performances have linked London venues with Plano B in Rio de Janeiro, and Casinha de Ipanema in Porto Alegre.

Luciana Bass is a guitarist/improviser and sound artist, using e-guitar and assorted objects to encourage the unexpected to arise. She is currently based in Berlin working as sound designer for documentaries.









In the second part of the evening, the legendary Grassy Noel performs Blake – Re-Awake to celebrate the illumination of the imagination. Other Odysses will also be performed by the idiosyncratic duo of Grassy Noel, (voice/text) and Graham MacKeachan (double bass).

Admission from 6.30pm
Performance at 8.00pm

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