Jerico Orchestra and 0 1 0 Projects. 24th of November

From 7.30 (performances begin at 8.00)

Jerico Orchestra is a collective exploring the relationship between improvised music and visual art.  Their performances have all the power of punk (Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, Vince Taylor) combined with the finesse of the classical avant-garde. Previous gigs include Tate Britain, Camden Arts Centre, MK Gallery.

“If you like the sound of silk worms eating mulberry, whilst your kettle is on the boil with twig tea inside, you’ll really hate this”
Karen Eliot, (Home & Garden, March 2012)


0 1 0 Projects : Michael White is a music producer and artist, working  in a variety of genres. Joining Michael for a stripped back acoustic set are Emily and Marina, who are vocalists currently studying Music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. Expect to hear a collection of tunes you may know, but perhaps not the way you know them.

You can listen to some of Michael’s music by visiting:



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