Agile Experiments + Ruth Goller’s Skylla. Saturday 6th October 19:30

Agile Experiments : Tom Challenger : saxophone / Colin Somervell : double bass / Dave De Rose : drums

‘Agile Experiments’ is a collaborative project curated by multi-instrumentalist & producer Dave De Rose. Based around eight combinations of 14 of the UK’s most highly regarded musicians, the project unites them in a genre and generation-defying free-form improvisation setting.
The collective, initially formed during a series of 1-hour concerts at The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria in the heart of Brixton Village, went on to record numerous 1 hour sessions in a DIY studio setting. Extracts from these have been released within 2 albums on 12″ limited edition vinyl this year (Agile Experiments Vol.1 in April and Vol.2 in September) and not surprisingly are quickly becoming sought after collectors’ items.
For this concert Agile Experiments features a great trio featured on both releases Tom Challenger (saxophone), Colin Somervell (double bass) & Dave De Rose (drums).

Ruth Goller’s Skylla : Ruth Goller : bass & voice / Lauren Kinsella : voice / Alice Grant : voice

‘Skylla’ is the solo project of composer and bassist Ruth Goller – featuring herself on bass guitar and vocals, as well as outstanding UK vocalists Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant. All three are based in London, with Ruth herself originating from the mountains of the Dolomites. Their music takes inspirations all the way from Eastern European folk song, to Free Jazz, to ‘Joyce’ – with bewitching compositions, featuring bass guitar harmonics sparkling underneath other-worldly three-part song. ‘Skylla’ takes after the mythical three-headed sea monster of the same name, in that their music is both mysterious and sometimes dangerous – in it’s own intimate and unique way.

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