Babble&Squeak #2. Sunday 7th October 15:30



Following on from the success of BABBLE&SQUEAK #1 back in April 2018 the second event promises to be no less exciting and challenging.

Many of the players, notably Phil Durrant and Martin Vishnick, have considerable experience and are counted amongst the veterans of the British and European free music and improvisation scene. Phil and Martin have in more recent months performed as a duet investigating the sonic potential of the mandolin and guitar using extended techniques and an intimate approach to improvisation. Emmanuelle Waeckerlie combines her academic and musical discourses in her approach to performance as she exploits the potential of the human voice to utter and vocalise. Emmanuelle’s practice has seen her perform at such established spaces as Café OTO and also across Europe and is a founding member of the trio BOUCHE BEE. Also utilising the extensive palette the voice offers is Ed Shipsey who combines his extensive range of vocalisations with a variety of noise generators, megaphones, tambourines and other objects.

Woodwind players Stephan Barrett, Sebastian Sterkowicz, Alan Newcombe and Chris Hill are regular players at John Russell’s Mopomoso Workshop, Eddie Prevost’s Workshop and Rick’s Jensen’s SKRONK and bring with them a desire to challenge the limitations of their respective instruments in both large and reduced settings. Sebastian has appeared with the London Improvisers’ Orchestra and is a member Rick Jensen’s APOCALYSPE JAZZ UNIT. Alan brings to his saxophone playing a sophistication that draws in blues and bop elements alongside more robust free blowing. Stephan is involved in many projects including composition and radio art – LITTORAL TRANSMISSIONS – along with ADAM KINSEY.

Adam, modular synths, performs regularly and earlier in the year organised an event which put together improvisation and composed music – DESIRE LINES – with great success. Sam Enthoven, electronics and Theremin, describes himself as ‘once a children’s author, now a performer and musician’ and shares a sound art dimension with Chris Hill as both enjoyed the tutelage of noted sound artist Graham Dunning. Sam has many talents and over the last year or so has both promoted sound art events – STEEP – and performed as both a storyteller and musician. Chris publishes his sound art and composed materials under the name DISCOUNTGNOSTIC on Bandcamp.

Eggblood (vocals, turntables, samplers, tapes, effects) is a mixed media activist specialising in sound archive and archaeological digging, finding and using defunct audio formats and musical equipment based in West Midlands. Alongside his musical output he runs the Mouth-in-Foot label that promotes challenging new music, film and visual arts.

Workshop regular Niall Sloane, percussion, brings to the gathering his insightful and nuanced musicianship as witnessed at BABBLE&SQUEAK #1.

All that remains is to introduce our final two players Tony James Morton and Petero Kalule who will be making their debut appearances for BABBLE&SQUEAK. Tony James Morton is an electronic musician and sound artist whose work focuses on systems aesthetics. These systems have rules, but within the confines of these boundaries there is enough room for improvisation, causing a different interpretation each time. Petero, describes himself as a ‘Ugandan multi-instrumentalist’ whose interest lies in the exploration of sound as an ‘energy’ and a vehicle for ‘communion’. What better agenda could there be for group improvisation.

If you are interested in improvised music and would like to play, the Mopomoso Workshop Group meets at the Troy Club, 22 Hanway Street, London W1T every Thursday between 7pm and 9pm.


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