‘Alt, Altar, Altered’ by Brin Thomas, Dan Hills, Geneviève K. and Kay Elizabeth. 15th to 25th of April

An exhibition of paintings, photography and mixed media.


Altar of Earth Divination – Installation piece

…as we reflect on our state of being to the mirrored earth we begin, shifting awareness reversed, the unobjectified gaze…connected. Built with intuitive interpretation and conversations with the dead, the altar becomes a shifting portal towards our relationship to the liminal, a ‘sacred’ space in celebration of changing seasons, the cycles of life/death/rebirth…bring gifts/offerings to share on the Altar for the return of spring…


Thursday 17th April
Opening Night Private View 6pm – 9pm

Wednesday 16th April
Open studio. 12 – 8pm
Brin Thomas, Geneviève K, Kay Elizabeth and Dan Hills invite you to investigate downstairs at Hundred Years Gallery as the artists explore the themes of the exhibition through workshop activities and collaborations.
Egg blowing workshop 12- 3pm
Bring your kids along to learn the art of Egg blowing and Decorating. Workshop run by Kay Elizabeth.

Thursday 17th April
Open studio 12 – 6pm
Continued artist responses to the themes of exhibition and collaborations.

Good Friday 18th April
Open Studio continued 4pm – 7 pm
Altered Film night 8pm – 11 pm
A showing of short experimental films and sound pieces by Brin Thomas & Dan Hills

Saturday 19th April
Open Studio from 4pm – Divination Games with Geneviève K from 7pm

Sunday 20th April – Closing Event 3pm – 6.30pm. Celebrate the final evening of ‘Alt, Altar, Altered’ with us at Hundred Years Gallery with performance works inspired by responses to the past weeks events.  Reza:  Information Overload, the visual display of quantitative information. Make your own one~off limited edition exhibition programme. Kay Elizabeth & Geneviève K: collected, improvised, created.

Brin Thomas has selected fragments of images produced over a three year period. In some a starting point is a failed drawing in others its pixelated images of protest pulled from a YouTube clip. Images from solitary walks around English moorland and valleys appear through the figures. An experience outside a church gave shape to a previously unfocused set of multimedia experiments. In others a falling figure from the London riots is met half way by a rising figure of Christ. Old works are resurrected and experiences are layered and fractured sometimes to reveal new meanings otherwise unseen.

Dan Hills. The haunting Work of Dan Hills will be on display at Alt, Altar Altered from the 15th April till 20th April 2014. Dan’s uncompromising images asks questions of who we really are under our skins and challenges us to confront our ideas of self image. Images of conflict and victims of war appear through the familiarity of our own skin. A series of works which deal as much with the innocent victims of conflict as it does with our own person battles with mortality. Dan Hills will also be collaborating with Brin Thomas on a short film exploring the same themes.  http://www.click73.co.uk/

Geneviève K. Wordmonger, purveyor of potions and priestess in training offers linguistic rituals in celebration of the promise of renewal. Geneviève has devised ‘Divination Games’ – a durational piece at select times throughout the week (please inquire;) & will give us a taste of words planted on Thursday the 17th for the Opening night/Private View and during Sunday early evening’s Closing Event in collaboration with her collected specimens and newly grown buds…

Kay Elizabeth‘s new project ‘Black Orchids’ is powerful, authentic and lives within liminality… soulful vocals soaked in a provocative soundscape, incorporating new material in reverance to spring & songs from her solo album ‘Disposition’ now revamped with a plugged-in/experimental edge. Kay will perform a set on Thursday the 17th for the Opening night/Private View and a more improvised/collaboration performance on Sunday the 20th of April inspired by the past weeks journey.

Specially invited guests:

Steve Folk, singer/songwriter and traveling man
Tim Haler, the most creative mind working in Compliance, who will be reading an essay on the theme “to serve”
Reza, underground visual art anarchist

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