Artists Talks – Round table on Creativity. Wednesday 17th of April, from 6.30

We Are CAN present ‘Artists Talks – Round table on Creativity’

“Creativity is at the base of innovation. Being original, developing new concepts, providing new experiences: all spring out of our ability to be and remain creative. 

“But how does one gets inspiration? How do we avoid blocking or hitting a creative standstill?

“Collaborating, discussing our ideas with others, mind-storming – are these solutions to increase our own creativity? What is the role of collaboration in creativity? And are we more or less creative when we expose ourselves to other points of view and experiences?

“Come and discuss these and other ideas on creativity at CAN’s artists talk, on the 17th of April. Starting out from a round table discussion with 7 artists and creatives, we want you to join in the conversation and share your own thoughts and ideas on the subject.”


Michael Atavar is an artists and creative consultant working with individuals and businesses, helping to solve professional problems, using creativity as a key.

Yu-Chen Wang is a mixed media artist, working primarily in drawing on paper and video. Her practice explores the notion of representation, distortion and transformation

Balint Bolygó is a kinetic artist work explores the similarity between the artistic and scientific mind. His work explores how both minds are motivated by the same need to discover/uncover, and turn resulting ideas into totalities.

Jill Rock  is a practising painter and organiser of events involving many artists in collaborative works. She has recently organised DRonULtImARATiO with Graham MacKeachan – a seven week festival of improvised performance works at Hundred Years Gallery.

Graham MacKeachan is member of several Improvised Music Collectives and has been on Art strike since 1984.

Pete Jones is the director of Jerico Orchestra, and theorist on the relationship between anarchism and creativity.

Julie Solovyeva  is a curator and writer working with experimental exhibition models, interventions, pedagogical art practices, dance and technology.


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