Drawing the Future – Andor Merks & Balint Bolygo. 4th of April to 17th of May 2013

Exploring interactive media in the context of artistic creation…

Can we define an open art-work that turns it’s audience into collaborators?

In the age of social media everyone is encouraged to create and share: this new attitude ultimately changes the way we relate to media and art. The centuries old barriers between artist – work – audience is becoming blurred at an unprecedented pace.

Our question: Is it possible to create an interactive art work, that can embrace many people’s creative output into a consistent artistic composition? Imagine an open work that is a finely tuned dynamic structure, a compositional rule-set able to re-organize itself while feeding in new imagery and sensory input.

The corresponding technology is at it’s peak: instant 3D printing, image manipulation and genetic engineering all unleashing the power of the human mind to shape our future. But is there a revolution in the way we use and structure these tools? Do we have a democratic enough interface to allow many people to participate in the creation? Can we draw our future together, or will somebody else do it for us?

Through our exhibition, talks and performances we search for the answers from a structural point of view: is the medium ready for dynamic and democratic creation? Whether the methods of art and the structures of compositions can be extended for open art or we need a more fundamental shift in paradigm to facilitate a shared and collaborative culture?

We are featuring two interactive artists who approach the same questions from different media: Andor Merks via interactive video, gaming and social media, Balint Bolygo through mechanic sculptures and physical forces.

Submit your work or donate an old gadget for the collaborative installations!


Andor Merks is a new media artist, interactive designer and entrepreneur. Through his research and media experiments he develops interactive concepts to catalyse self-expression, communication and social interactivity. Through his self-referential algorithms he developed a unique style in coding and visual aesthetics as well. In these works artistic and scientific experiments reciprocate each other’s evolution, generating an organic stream of digital symbols. He is an active VJ (Video Jockey) in East-London clubs and running his Shoreditch based start-up: Web Remixer.


Balint Bolygo’s approach to his artistic practice is through a process of invention, science and engineering. The innovation of artistic mechanical devices creates a function that is indefinite and unpredictable. His sculptural inventions are controlled by invisible forces (gravity, optical laws, and crystalline movements on a nano scale) that investigate the process of creation independently. The relationship between the predictable nature of a system (a machine, program, algorithm) and the unpredictability of the human touch conjures up both notions of random chaos and universal order.


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