DRON SUNDAY SESSION VII with The Zorse Trio and Gabriel Keen. Sunday 17th of March, from 3pm

DRON festival and Hundred Years Gallery present The Zorse Trio – this special line-up comprises members of The Horse Trio with Carole Finer :

Carole Finer: objects/banjo, was in the Scratch Orchestra and has played with Eddie Prevost and many other improvising musicians. Recently performed with Stefan Szczelkun plus other Scratch members and young musicians in John Cage Song Books at Cafe Oto and the Toynbee  Theatre.
Hutch Demouilpied – trumpet/flute, is a musician, composer and sound artist who is currently co-promoting the new improvised and experimental music club at The Horse Music Club in SE1. As a composer she has collaborated with film-makers, artists and choreographers and also works as a session musician.

Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone /flute. Currently performs with The Remote Viewers and ‘Hogcallin’, an 8 piece band performing the work of Charles Mingus. She is currently running The Horse Improv Club with Adam Bohman and Hutch Demouilpied and performs with the Horse Trio, with Hutch Demouilpied and Richard Sanderson.

Jill Rock performs her code poem ‘DrONulTiMaRaTiOHECaTE’

And, to end the DRON Festival, by popular demand, the return of pianist Gabriel Keen










Julie Pickard, drawing and Gabriel Keen, piano 17th March, 2013.


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