DRON Performance Festival VI. Saturday 16th of March, from 6.30

For the last night of the DRON Festival, Hundred Years Gallery presents a special solo performance and installation by artist and improviser Giles Leaman playing home made and invented instruments, including the dronomium, springs and found ephemera. Giles has recorded and performed with a wide array of experimental and influential underground groups, including  The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Echo City, The Cutmen and Rip Rig + Panic.

visit Giles Leaman’s website

Also, Grassy Noel & APE perform at DRON Festival :

“Grassy Noel is an anarchic poet who is a grandee of the spoken word scene. He combines to thrilling effect with Ape, an improv trio who play sax, percussion, stand-up double bass and found objects. Graham from the band was last seen playing double bass with a toilet seat.  Extraordinary”. R.Purnell

“Improvised, head on collsion music for the soul”

“Uncompromising poetical ranting and squalling avant-jazz”

Mike Walter, saxophone and percussion, Grassy Noel, vocalizations and poetics, Paul Shearsmith, tuned sewer pipes, fire extinguishers, trumpets etc., Graham Mackeachan, double bass, Kaos K Matsui, electric guitar, xylophone and electronics

Performance artist Ana Milovanovic inside the DRON

Jill Rock performs her code poem ‘DrONulTiMaRaTiOHECaTE’

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