DRON Festival First Thursdays event. Thursday 7th of March

Performances by:

“Three muses inside the Dron” :

On the Eve of International Womens Day, sigh yawn laugh cry scream curse – an orgiastic feast as three women enter the womblike Dron Ultima Ratio Hecate: Jill Rock, Mary Lemley & M. G. in an orgiastic display of female power.

Shouting, wailing, swearing, sighing, laughing, moaning and groaning.

British/Hungarian artist Agnes Hay provides an accompaniment on the traditional Hungarian folk-pipe as guardian of the space.



To keep the balance, Noel Macken, AKA Grassy Noel, the Abiezer Coppe of Haggerston returns to Hundred Years Gallery to present his work Doppelgangers, biting his fist at whoever gets in the way.


Films by Young Spanish Feminists:

“Recortando vidas”, “Mi cuerpo es mio” & “El Grito” by:

Abertura Vaginal (Adriana & Eva Fuentes). Created in May 2011. This project started in the midst of the Madrid social movement known as 15M, in the context of the camping of La Puerta del Sol square, where thousands of citizens camped for days in sign of protest. There, Feminist Commission raised, and so did we. Our motivation was to film all the evolution of the feminist movement that started to germinate under our tents, and that is still breaking boundaries inside the revolution.

“The Front” 10 min. film by: Laura Guignard Luz, born in Veyey, 1986.





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