‘As It Stands’ : Unrefined, Muted, Abandoned. Performances. Sunday 16th of July from 2:00pm

An afternoon programme of performances and durational works from the ‘As It Stands’ exhibition. Free entry.

Helene Williams:  ‘Shameless’. Performance.  2.30pm
‘Mother’s womb of life exists far beyond the uterus of her female species; it is stretched to the forest, ocean, skies and into the core of the earth itself.’ ( Mother Maya Tiwari)
This ancient primal wisdom embodied within us has become shamed, muted and abandoned over time.

Maria Constantinou:  ‘Unheard’. Performance. 3:00pm
“It will be performed without rehearsal without any structure randomly speaking/singing sat lying down words just pouring from my mouth from my heart spontaneously “unrefined, muted, abandoned” quiet for so long until I ‘Speak'”

Sarah Hill: ‘Untitled’.  Performance. 3.30pm
“This performance actually does have a proper title although I don’t want the audience to know this, as it will make it sound like a finished, categorised artwork/…I like having the vagueness in the context of this call-out.
“Relation to theme: a sense of invisibility and un-refinement or rawness in the text, muteness and passivity- no speaking or not much movement, abandonment like I have been chucked on the scrap heap and I am an unwanted awkward subject”.

Christina Lovey : ‘The Tap Dancer’ .  4:00pm
Conceived as part of Arianne Fok’s ‘Michelle ma’belle’ at Peckham Performance Project  in 2016, The Tap Dancer is a personification of post-imperialist ideology, inspired by Fred Astaire’s Firecracker Dance in the musical film Holiday Inn, and performed by artist Christina Lovey. In this performance the dancer is unable to resolve a perennial dilemma: in the current age of globalization, where and how can she exist?
Steps are worked and re-worked in an attempt to fix a piece of choreography that would signify a location, a place of safety for the dancer. However, the current political situation makes it impossible for this resolution to occur. Her futile attempts are an expression of a state of confusion and the rhythmic patterns being performed in this performance reflect this state and re-present it.

Teresa Grimaldi :  ‘The Abandoned Puppet’. 4.30pm
The puppet will perform in snippets. The puppet will waken into ‘performance mode’. The puppet is so tired it will only be able to maintain a tiny show –ever so brief- a dying breath….

Nir Segal:  ‘PiggyBack . Talk and debate.  5.30pm
The work as a narrative of an invitation turning into a proposal ending with a title.
The status of the art as a proposition, looking at when, where and how value is established. General discussion about notions of value making, collaborations, authorship and propositions.

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