verznights #003. Saturday 2nd September 7:30

verznights #003

quiet music label/event/radio series verz imprint presents its third live edition. Two duos and one solo; broken cassettes, synthesis, objects, hum, hiss, click.

Phil Maguire & Eleanor Cully – duo for cassette players
John Macedo – solo electronics
Rie Nakajima & David Bloor – performing as a duo for the first time.

Door 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5

verz imprint returns to Hundred Years Gallery for edition #003 of verznights, presenting music and sound art works across the space, and the street outside.

Eleanor Cully & Phil Maguire
Performing as a duo for the first time, Maguire & Cully present a collage of instrumental, enrivonmental, and found sounds from cassettes

John Macedo – live electronics

Rie Nakajima & David Bloor
Performing as a duo for the first time, Nakajima & Bloor bring their enchanting practices with objects & electronics to the outside space of the gallery. Crepuscular improvised sound art

Installation: Megan Steinberg
When loud music is played quietly – at its lowest possible volume – is it still loud music? “Small Assembled Sounds” is a collage of quiet-loud music played on unamplified turntables.


Phil Maguire is a fiercely experimental electronic musician, improvisor and sound artist. Malfunction permeates his music, utilising sine tone oscillators, noise, found sound, and obsolete audio technology to create intimate, engrossing sonic environments.

Eleanor Cully is a composer and vocalist based in Huddersfield. She was born in 1992.

John Macedo is a sound artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into his recorded works, live performances and sound installations.

Rie Nakajima is a Japanese artist working with installations and performances that produce sound. Her works are most often composed in direct response to unique architectural spaces using a combination of kinetic devices and found objects.

David Bloor explores ideas around connection to each other in community, to the past in memory and to the world in information. Sound generation through happy accident or influence of chaos in feedback, the physical influence of electrical components and the degredation caused by time and physical process.

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