Babble & Squeak : Improvised music and discarnate sounds. Sunday 29 April 15:30

Babble & Squeak! will feature both established players on the free music and sound art circuit and more recent performers – many of whom are regulars at John Russell’s Mopomoso Workshop Group, Rick Jensen’s Skronk and Eddie Prévost’s longstanding Friday evening workshop. The musicians themselves pursue varied musical and artistic projects alongside their love of ensemble playing.

Adam Kinsey (modular synths) has recently organised an event for live improvisation and pre-recorded sound which generated a great deal of interest in new collaborative possibilities – Desire Lines – and has also had work featured on Glasgow’s Radiophrenia.

Phil Durrant (mandolin) brings with him a long and varied performance history with a significant body of recorded work and was seen more recently in duo with Martin Vishnick at the gallery.

Dave Fowler (percussion) has been involved in the London free music scene for a significant period of time and is an established performer in the world of improvisation.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (vocals) is an academic, publisher and performer with an interest in the sonic potential of language and has recently performed her own spoken word compositions in the event Speak//If You Can at Café OTO (February 2018) accompanied by John Eyles (saxophones) along with other performers on the London improvised music circuit. John is an improv veteran, workshop regular, a member of the trio Bouche Bée with Emmanuelle and guitarist Peter Huurinainen.

Sebastian Sterkowicz (bass clarinet) is a regular at both Eddie Prévost’s workshop and the Mopomoso Workshop Group and has also performed with the London Improvisors Orchestra. He more recently appeared with saxophonist and composer Martin Clarke and bass player Otto Willburg in 3 Head Mechanism at Hundred Years Gallery.

Stephan Barrett (clarinet, piano) is a Mopomoso and Skronk regular, sound artist and composer. Performing in St.Mary’s Tower, Hornsey in February 2018 at an event entitled Asterisms and later on at Desire Lines, Stephan demonstrates his love of and commitment to new music.

Eggblood (vocals, turntables, samplers, tapes, effects) is a mixed media activist specialising in sound archive and archaeological digging, finding and using defunct audio formats and musical equipment based in West Midlands. Alongside his musical output he runs the Mouth_in_Foot label that promotes challenging new music, film and visual arts.

Chris Hill (clarinet, saxophone, effects) plays regularly at the Mopomoso Workshop Group, the Eddie Prévost workshops and Skronk. A former habitué of Graham Dunning’s sound art course he publishes under his incarnation as DiscountGnostic.

Alan Newcombe (saxophones) is a committed and adept player, energetic, witty, a fountain of knowledge and relentlessly charming.

Michael Giaquinto (bass guitar) has a background that ranges from punk to jazz standards and is a staple member of the Mopomoso Workshop Group.

Babble & Squeak! offers an antidote to the everydayness of the everyday and is better for you than a Sunday pub lunch!

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £5/donation

If you are interested in improvised music and would like to play, the Mopomoso Workshop Group meets at the Troy Club, 22 Hanway Street, London W1T every Thursday between 7pm and 9pm.

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