‘Bells from the Deep’ program: Self Portrait Laboratory for Kids. Sunday 12th of July 4 to 5pm. Free .


11201813_879129162180417_5294314058086919031_nChildren of all ages are welcome to create unique self portraits using different fun techniques and materials. Artist, Marianne Romeo will lead them through drawing proportional features, blind contour drawings and experimenting with alternative means to create line and form.

Free entry or donations.

Marianne Romeo is an American born photographer and visual artist. She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in California and works primarily in analogue photographic techniques to make portraits and still life images. In 2011, she co-founded The Mural Project, an organisation dedicated to painting collaborative murals with children at international children’s centres and in schools. The Mural Project has completed murals with kids in Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Italy and the United States, so far. She has been teaching English and Art in Italy for the past few years and has recently moved to London with her husband, Giacomo, who is a designer.


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