Blind Plural: Performance & Screening. Sunday 6th March 3 to 6.30pm

001_Thomas-Cardew-001Sunday 6th of March from 3 to 6.30pm: The first in a series of  performances, screenings and talks as part of the Blind Plural exhibition.

Grassy Noel:  ‘Alice through the looking glass’. 

A performance piece that Interrogates the complicit nature of, what George Orwell termed,  a “State of Permanent War” and the Arms and Oil Industry. The piece opens up with Alicia awakening beneath the “Glass Shard” after falling through The Wormhole and Wondering: “How did I get here? How Can People Live Here?”. At which the Mad Hatter appears and responds: “We are All Mad Here!” The entire World is now controlled by a Strange Species known as OliSharks, Ethics have been thrown out the Window and Chaos Reigns…

Pablo Saura: Presentation and screening ‘This is Britain’.

This Is Britain is an experimental short film by Pablo Saura, made using exclusively footage from Google Street View. The film is a virtual tour through the different urban landscapes of the United Kingdom, guided by a voice over inspired by Jørgen Leth’s The Perfect Human (1967). It explores urban British streets and the characters that inhabit them from an outsider viewpoint, contrasting individuals from different backgrounds and social ‘tribes’, querying class issues in British society. Britain becomes a nation defined by space and architecture, where surveillance technology reinforces ‘social control’ and class barriers.

Tomas Cardew: Reading ‘The law of probability’ / Screening ‘016 your contribution’. 

Thomas Cardew is a London based artist working in film, installation, photography & writing. His artwork addresses tacit agreements of self: of repression, suppression, consumption, comparison, and competition; how we constitute and arrange value within a society structured upon consumption and individual gain…”What lies beneath all that, when all the armour is shed? – a gradual decay of one’s own sense of self and, perhaps more profoundly, the resultant decay of community. To what ends will we need to go to feel? … Just to feel? I find it all incredibly absurd – that we all chase more, never questioning what ‘more’ actually is”.

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