Apocalypse Jazz Unit. Saturday 5th March 7:30pm

apocoflipThe inimitable Apocalypse Jazz Unit was conceived in 2012 as a solo recording project by saxophonist Rick Jensen and has since transmogrified into a live band with a variety of equally deranged improvisers. Since April 2013 Apocalypse Jazz Unit has been a tornado of activity, releasing 40 digital albums, whilst bringing experimental mayhem, eclecticism and a sense of humour to their countless performances.

Rick Jensen: tenor saxophone, clarinet, harmonica horn, monotron
David O’Connor: sopranino saxophone, flute
Thomas Tronich: alto saxophone
Paul Shearsmith: pocket trumpet, baliphone
Hywel Jones: trombone
Robbie: double bass

UPDATE : Unfortunately Brighton’s West Hill Blast Quartet will not be performing at Hundred Years tonight.  

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5 / donations

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