Subito Carceris: Blindfold Dialogues. Victoria Kovalenko & M.Gallego. Sunday 20th of July from 3:00-6:30pm

In the third of a series of ‘blindfold’ dialogues as part of the current ‘Subito Carceris’ exhibition, curator M.Gallego and artist Victoria Kovalenko  attempted to unveil the thought process that each artist develops in order to fulfil the force of creation. They were followed by artists Kofi Boamah and Mervyn Diese.

The third part of the open session consisted of three simultaneous dialogues between Victoria Kovalenko & Mervyn Diese, Kofi Boamah & M.Gallego and Catrinel Doran & spontaneous attendant Alice Strasburger. The result of the experiment was an expected cacophony of voices navigating between the darkness of their blindfold eyes and the brightness of their minds. (All the dialogues can be listened to below)

During the intervals and to end the evening, experimental music was performed by KMAT: Paul Shearsmith, Keisuke Matsui, Catrinel Doran and Graham MacKeachan.






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