Three intimate solo electronics performances: Phil Julian, John Macedo & Will Parker. Saturday 26th of July at 7:30

Three intimate solo electronic performances by Phil Julian, John Macedo and Will Parker

Phil Julian is a London based experimental sound artist, composer and improviser. He has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990′s, with his prolific output on a catalogue of imprints encompassing sonic textures ranging from harsh squalls of noise to compositions structured around hyper-minimalistic timbres and drones. Studio recordings and live performances have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly unstable and/or chaotic systems – modular analogue synthesizers, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.

John Macedo is a sound artist from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis, into compositions, live performances and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach that focuses on capturing and generating unrepeatable/ unpredictable sound events and presenting sound as tangible experience, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

Will Parker is a composer, improviser and researcher whose practice is primarily focused on field recording, and the [re]presentation of environmental sound. His recent performance work is concerned with the spectral exploration and agitation of resonant objects.



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