Subito Carceris: Blindfold Dialogues. Victoria Kovalenko, Jill Rock, Mary Lemley & Camilla Josephson. Sunday 14th of September at 3:30pm

The ‘Subito Carceris’ exhibition continues with the fourth in a series of ‘blindfold’ dialogues in which artists examine the working of the mind during the creative process. Curator M.Gallego and exhibiting artist Victoria Kovalenko were joined by shamanic artist Jill Rock, the gallery’s resident photographer/film-maker the artist Mary Lemley and Camilla Josephson, who is a researcher at the Institute of Global Mental Health in London, to unveil the thought process that each artist develops in order to fulfil the force of creation.

After the two first dialogues between Jill Rock /Camilla Josephson and Mary Lemley/Victoria Kovalenko, our last session was also joined by  Cos Chapman, experimental musician and music teacher in Bsix UniversityJo Fisher Roberts, performer,  Art Tutor en City Lit and  Botanical Art Tutor en The Conservatoire, Blackheath and Mervin Diese,  multifaceted artist.

Sunday 14th of September – 3:30-6:30pm. Free entry



Hear the recording of the three sessions:


Jill Rock/Camilla Josephson dialogue                      Mary Lemley/Victoria Kovalenko dialogue                      Multiple dialogue 

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