Yoni Silver / Seymour Wright: solos. Saturday 13th of September at 7:30pm

Hundred Years Gallery is pleased to launch our Autumn season of improvised music with a concert of solos by two fine reed players, both working with extended techniques..

Yoni Silver (bass clarinet, violin)

Yoni Silver is a multidisciplinary musician and performing artist whose work ranges between improvisation, free-form/graphic/text-based composition, music for film/theatre, orchestral arrangement, installations, audio works and performance art.
Originally from Israel, he has recently relocated to London where he has been active in the local improv/experimental scene



Seymour Wright (alto saxophone) – 2014 autumn solos 1/5

Seymour Wright is a saxophone player who plays saxophone music about the saxophone – music, history and technique – actual and potential.
Seymour has described his playing as: enquiry into saxophonic actuality, through the potential inherent in, for instance, imagination, re-proportion, inversion, transformation, juxtaposition, construction, deconstruction, reconstruction, permutation, truncation and extension.
His collaborative music is rooted in an interest in learning future music.

The musicians will play solo sets.

Doors: 7:00

Admission by donation (£5 suggested)


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