‘Artists Messengers of Peace 2013’ & ‘Back to Brussels’. Until 20th October

Dr. Fischer’s Art for Peace Collection was initiated together with the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979 and with Jordan in 1996.

Exhibition curated by Ruth Lubin & Doron Polak.

300 artists from Israel and around the world were given the task of creating a painting dedicated to peace and tolerance on a regular envelop used for mailing letters. The collection is transportable and is often presented to the public due to the generosity of the Dr. Fischer company. As a result of the exhibitions, representatives from Israel and from a number of Arab states including the Palestinian Authority have had the opportunity to meet. Creative workshops are held alongside the exhibition dedicated to mutual understanding and tolerance and aimed at creating a dialog between nations. The envelopes were joined by a collection of art dealing with the topics of war and peace by leading artists. To date, the collection has been exhibited in over 50 galleries and museums worldwide.

British artists will be invited to draw, paint or write on Dr. Fischer’s peace envelopes and their work, which will be donated to the collection, will be exhibited as well.


Back To Brussels: an exhibition by Yechiel Shaked.

Yechiel Shaked paints classic-modern style landscapes that are reminiscent of the impressionist artists of the beginning of the 19th century. His work is is composed of warm and vibrant colors, humor, an an assertive joie de vivre that characterizes his own life. His uniqueness lies in the development of a technique where he paints with dots of colour. This allows a personal expression of landscapes he encounters along his journeys across the globe while providing him with a special way of using motifs of light and space.

In the current exhibition “Back to Brussels” at the Hundred Years Gallery, Yechiel Shaked returns to the city where he studied medicine, where he met his wife and where he began to build his life. The return to the city of Brussels is accompanied by memories and yearning, which are transferred to each of the wall paintings he documents in his work. These are real public walls he photographs each time he visits the city. They include themes on various humane topics. Shaked intervenes in these wall paintings by changing colors and often by adding details of his own. In the central painting on show in the exhibition he portrays himself in the front of the university.

Yechiel Shaked was born in Givatayim, Israel and has painted all his life while developing a career in medicine. He dedicates one day of the week to artistic endeavors. During the last few years he has been working in the studio of the master artist Avi Ezra, where he has picked up a lot of his painting and drawing skills. He has exhibited his work at the Tel Aviv Opera House, Givatayim Theater, Givatayim Municipal Gallery, Rollebeck Gallery in Brussels and Memoire de l’Avenir Gallery in Paris. His work is also part of the Rollebeck Collection.

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