‘Earshots!’. Saturday 5th of October from 7.15

This is the second concert in our Earshots series which brings together field recording based work and improvised music, exploring the sonic qualities of both our natural surroundings and sound making devices. Once again, the concert begins with the presentation of a field recording based composition, followed by the solo, and then duo improv sets.

For this concert we are very pleased to present:

Seymour Wright and Alan Wilkinson (alto saxophone duet)
Pat Thomas (keyboard/electronics solo)
and a special field recording work from Will Montgomery

Will Montgomery makes electronic music, sound art and field recordings. His CDs include Legend (with Brian Marley, Entr’Acte, 2009) and non-collaboration (with Heribert Friedl, nvo, 2008). A split 12″ (with Robert Curgenven) was released in 2012 on Winds Measure.

He has published widely on poetry and music as a journalist and academic.

Pat Thomas studied classical piano from aged 8 and started playing Jazz from the age of 16. He has since gone on to develop an utterly unique style – embracing improvisation, jazz and new music. He has played with Derek Bailey in Company Week (1990/91); in the trio AND (with Noble); with Tony Oxley’s Quartet and Celebration Orchestra; and in Duo with Lol Coxhill.

“Sartorially shabby as Thomas may be, and on first impression even rather stolid, he has a somewhat imperious charisma that’s immediately amplified when he starts to play. Unlike other pianists whose virtuosity seems to be racing ahead of their thought processes Thomas always seems supremely in command of his gift, and his playing, no matter how free and ready to tangle with abstraction, always carries a charge of authoritative exactitude.” The Jazzmann

Alan Wilkinson (b. London 1954) first made his presence felt as part of the burgeoning Leeds music scene of the 80s, founding the Termite Club and forming long-standing liasons with Hession and Fell amongst others, while developing a highly personal, vocalized and energetic approach to the saxophone. Re-locating to London in 1990 he currently works in trios with John Edwards and Steve Noble, James Dunn and John Bisset, as well as collaborations with Chris Corsano, Spiritualized, NY duo Talibam! and Spanish group Laxula; he also and runs the flimflam improvisation club in London. Other collaborations have included Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann, Willi Kellers, Alex Maguire’s Cat o’Nine Tails, Sunny Murray, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, Eddie Prevost, Stefan Jaworzyn, Steve Hubback and Spring Heel Jack. He has appeared at many national and international festivals and is featured on numerous recordings.

Saxophonist Seymour Wright has emerged as the most important saxophonist of his generation. He shows a command of the saxophone which in contrast to most ‘non-idiomatic’ playing – cynically translated as ‘make your saxophone sound like anything other than a saxophone’ – has deep roots in a tradition of playing that goes back to Frankie Trumbauer, Coleman Hawkins and Willie Smith. – Brian Morton

Entry by donation (suggested up to £5)
Doors 7:15 (the first performance will be at 8:00 pm sharp)

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