Charlotte Hug / Blanca Regina / Phil Minton. Sunday 11th December 3:30-6:30pm

Hundred Years Gallery is pleased to welcome a very special line up for this afternoon session.

Expect duo and trio performances from:

Charlotte Hug (viola)
Blanca Regina (electronics)
Phil Minton (voice)

Door 3:30 | music from 4pm | entry £5

Phil Minton is best known for his startling vocal improvisations. This sensible looking man proffers slices of his unfettered soul. Not long ago these croaks, burps, high-pitched exhalations, deep-throated drones and shreds of garbled half-language would have seen Minton either burnt or hailed as an emissary of God.
Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times

Charlotte Hug is a brilliant violist, improviser and performer who uses such idiosyncratic inventions as the ‘soft bow’ … the music grows out of a dialogue between the visual and the acoustic.
John Pitt – New Classics

Terry Day is a specialist on his sundry collection of instruments, and creates an associative music that defies the expected. He has succeeded in giving the balloon a place amongst the flora & fauna of new musical instruments, lending itself, in his particular hands, to brass & percussive expressions.
Dick Lucas, Jazz NU

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