Dave Draper & Dave Fowler. Saturday 20th July 19:30

An electroacoustic musical collaboration between two long standing musical conspirators.

Dave Draper‘The guitar extended’ (institut unzeit) – has played improvised music for more than 40 years. Currently using electric guitar and laptop, by sampling and replaying through his constantly evolving software, he displaces live playing in time and pitch using sets of simple ratios. Applied to pitch these create scales of just intonation, in time they divide the sample/loop into related sequences of musical fragments, from the simple to the complex. There is a chance element built in, but the whole is a live performance under the control of the performer.

Dave Fowler has played with almost everyone who is anyone on the London improv scene. The London Improvisers Orchestra, Yabasta, the Glowering Figs, Maggie Nicols, Jim Dvorak, John Grieve, Marcio Mattos, Neil Metcalfe, Phil Minton, Julia Doyle, Ntshuks Bonga, the Porkestra – the list is endless. He is one of the finest, most responsive, dynamic, listening drummers out there, but far too busy playing and enjoying music to maintain an online presence!

Doors 7pm | music 8pm | entry £5 / donation



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