DRON Performance Festival IV. Saturday 2nd of March

Flange Zoo are a troop of musical mythical animals who first manifest on 1st April 2012 and perform with original soundscapes and lyrics influenced variously by H. P. Lovecraft’s stories, Ovid’s Metamorphosis and Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They are crypto-zoological fiends onstage making full use of multi-effects, stylophone, recorder, Vietnamese jaw harp, hand-designed ‘Tube-Fox’ Didgeridoo, and other amplified     interferences.

Flange Zoo are Tiger Gnome (Calum F. Kerr), Lotan the Destroyer (Phillip Raymond Goodman) and Kitsune Tsukai (Miyuki Kasahara). For this appearance they will communicate sonically to the human world through the Dron. The performance will also feature animated projections designed by General Harm (also Phillip Raymond Goodman).

Flange Zoo Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/flangezoo


Rude Mechanicals :

“…the strangely disturbed world of the Rude Mechanicals …a great deal like nothing you ever heard before… “
Tom Robinson BBC 6 Radio.

The mysterious and ethereal Miss Roberts along with her Rude Mechanicals is a whirlwind of strange songs, sounds and looks. Miss Roberts is the leader and her flamboyant persona has become the look of the band.

She put together an act combining surreal stories, poetry and songs. Performing at the e-soiree in Cambridge UK she met the courageous experimental musician Dr Cos Chapman, later to be joined by the genius of Lynda Beast (Dylan Bates), the gentlemanly acoustic bass of Paul Sandy  and the mastery of Mick Frangau drummer.

The band has featured in Bizarre Magazine, is played regularly on Resonance FM, and had national airplay on the BBC. as well as being picked up Irwin Chusid – Journalist and DJ of New York’s WFMU Radio.

Interactive Energy – discovering open-art, interactive media, and communal creation. With digital artist Andor Merks and Electro-house, progressive music from DJ Ninöt

We want to invite you to join our playful activity…
Watch, touch, get involved!
Change the art-works and let them change you too!



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