DRON TALK SESSION V with Ivor Kallin. Sunday 3rd of March

Informal talk in the Gallery Cafe with colour theorist Chris Gough, and Roy Osborne, artist and authority on colour theory in art and design, whose publications include  ‘Lights and Pigments’ (1980) and ‘Color Influencing Form’ (2004).

Featuring contributions from Jill Rock on the colour systems in her work in the DRON/Ultima Ratio show.

Ivor Kallin plays a set of solo viola, plus improvised and experimental music from KMAT with guest artists and musicians.

Also, on video, a classic piece of bogus synesthesia: Alexander Scriabin’s Prometheus, Poem of Fire Op. 60 (1910) – for piano, orchestra, and clavier à lumières  – a keyboard instrument with notes corresponding to colors in Scriabin’s synesthetic system.

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