(DW/MS DB/JW LOTE3). Friday 3rd June 7:30pm

David W. Stockard + Michael Speers

Derek Baron + John Welsh

Carina Levitan + Graham Mackeachan (Lote3)


Doors 7.30pm | entry: £5



David W. Stockard is a person from Carrickfergus (NI) currently living in London (Eng).

Michael Speers is a musician from Northern Ireland, currently based in London. He uses feedback as the basis for most of his practice, taking influence from noise and electronic music, instrumental improv and drone. Amplified percussion is bowed, struck or made to resonate and layered amongst field recordings, no-input feedback and test equipment sounds. The resultant soundscape ultimately exploits the inherent negative beauty of typical noise sources.

Derek Baron is a musician from Chicago, currently based in New York City, where he is a part of the electroacoustic bricolage group Causings. His solo music uses found sound, homemade processors, archive tools, and speech acts to open up possibilities of musical spacing. His first two records—site-oriented tape assemblage works—were released in 2015 on North American cassette labels The Freedom Garden and Power Moves Library. His third solo, release is due in June 2016 through Penultimate Press.

John Welsh is a guitar-centered experimental musician and composer based in New York City. He has released solo music on The Freedom Garden tape label and is a member of the collective group Causings. He received his Master’s in Composition from Wesleyan University.

Lote3 are Carina Levitan, a sound artist based in Porto Alegre, Brasil and Graham Mackeachan, a bassist and non-artist living in London : performances incorporate free improvisation and the interpretation of graphic scores using sound sculpture, circuit-bent electronics, motors, traditional instruments, found sound, big cities, fruit with no taste, paradox, contradiction & collage . . .


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