‘Earshots!’. Saturday 13th of July from 7.30

This is the beginning of a series of concerts bringing together improvising musicians and sound artists, laying bare the sonic qualities of both our natural surroundings and sound making devices. Each concert will begin with the presentation of a field recording work or acousmatic composition. This will be followed by live performances from improvisers in duo or solo form, grouping players of similar types of instrument while exploring their differences.

For this first concert we are very pleased to present

Eddie Prevost + Paul Abbott (percussion Duo)

Field Recording works from Tom Wallace
Guillaume Viltard (double bass solo)

Entry by donation (suggested up to £5)
Doors 7:30 (8:15 start)

Eddie Prevost: percussion
Eddie Prévost plays with immense fire, grace and invention. Founder of the essential AMM, collaborator of the greatest improvisers internationally, since the 60s he has kept a continuous contact with the scene and always manages to invent anew his contribution to “meta-music”.

“Prévost’s playing confirmed that he remains one of the subtlest and most intelligent of free drummers.” The Guardian (UK)


Paul Abbott: percussion

Paul Abbott has   been a quietly innovative presence in London’s improvised music scene for the last few years working with electronics and self-built instruments before more recently dedicating a good part of his energy to the radical potential of an unadorned drumset, notably as one third of lll人 with Seymour Wright and Daichi Yoshikawa – a trio that recaptures free jazz’s original ability to simultaneously shock, confound and delight.


Guillame Viltard: double bass 

“Born in 1975 in the North of Ivory Coast, I grew up in a wild countryside with almost no music. Back in France ten years later, I felt much better roaming through woodlands than attending school. Nonetheless I did my best, but a double-bass finally came to me in the mid 90s. It is almost like a tree. I have been working hard to play properly for another ten years or so. I hate exams and any kind of competition but I survived classical training and even jazz playing. I like the idea that I could give up with music and do something completely different but it may be wrong. Nice also to think about aesthetics, choices or freedom and being only an experiment in the musical life of one’s very instrument.”

Tom Wallace, Sound artist

( Resonance FM / Vinyl Pleasures)Tom Wallace’s work is primarily in the acousmatic & radio mediums.  Multimedia work has included sound design for the architects Foster and Partners. From 1998 he has collaborated with director Peter Reder on ‘City of Dreams,’ a theatre piece staged in London, Singapore,  Brisbane & Bremen & more recently for Vancouver’s PuSH festival in 2011. Working with the London Musician’s Collective he helped set up Resonance104.4FM the UK’s first radio art station in 2002.  He has contributed various shows seeking to redefine radio and incorporate other wireless  technologies with the radio show ‘London Wireless Soundscape Project.’ As ‘DJ Wrongspeed’ he produced the controversial FM speed-reading ‘Pirate Flava’ show. As a DJ he ran the long running ‘Vinyl Pleasures’ night at London’s Foundry bar.

Earshots! – Facebook event page

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