‘A’ la Bastille!’. Demi-Monde, Woog Riots & Rude Mechanicals. Sunday 14th of July 2013

Demi-Monde are a quartet led by Jowe Head (ex-Swell Maps, ex-Televsion Personalities), featuring the talents of Catherine Gerbrands, Tim Bowen and Ravi Low-Beer, playing futuristic pagan ballads, using cello, bowed saw, xylophone and analogue synth.









Woog Riots are a duo based in Germany, who play a unique brand of electro-pop.  Imagine Kraftwerk fronted by a girl/boy duo singing smart, observant songs about pop-art and consumerism, with a cynical edge.









Rude Mechanicals, fronted by the splendidly deranged Miss Roberts.  They play cabaret songs from a suburban vision of hell, featuring the virtuoso demon violinist Dylan Bates.










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