Vocal Machines: Erin Sexton, Portia Winters & Jonathan Kemp. Saturday 29th of November from 7:30pm

Erin Sexton-EpicotylVocal Machines: Erin Sexton (CA), Portia Winters (UK), Jonathan Kemp (UK)
Entry £5 donation / doors 7:30, Music starts 8pm. Three solos, and perhaps a surprise collaboration.

Erin Sexton: electrochemical improvisation with open circuits, crystals, solutions, interference, touch

Erin Sexton is a Canadian artist who works in sound, performance and installation. Based in Montreal, she builds electronics, grows crystals, amplifies architecture and sonifies the æther. After completing her BFA (Concordia, 2006), she won acclaim for her experimental music, having released several solo albums and appearing on multiple compilations. Sexton continues to improvise collaboratively (FÜNF, G.I.A.S.O.) and present her audio/visual performances internationally.

Portia Winters: fragments and songs

Portia Winters is a vocalist from London who works with voice, electronics, pedals, text, song and free improvisation. She sings both solo and in collaboration with dancers, film makers and fellow musicians. Recent projects include ‘do not move stones’: an exploration of Sappho’s fragments through vocal and electroacoustic composition and improvisation, and ‘epicotyl’: her new album of songs, released on Exotic Pylon this November.

Jonathan Kemp: no-input noise cycle performed with three modified microwave ovens,
lasers, and rocks

Jonathan Kemp has a long history of speculative and situational life coding events elaborated as active makings-in-the-world. Project collaborations (including as ap and xxxxx) include material processing performances, environmental installations, open laboratories, speculative symposia, and social software events executed throughout Europe, Brazil, and the US.

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