Mark Wastell & Rhodri Davies. Sunday 23rd of November 3:30-6:30pm

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Exceptionally rare duo concert from Mark Wastell and Rhodri Davies, two musicians who have radically redefined the capabilities and possibilities of their chosen instruments. Since their initial meeting in 1995 they have continued to captivate, enthral, dismay and infuriate audiences in equal measure.

Mark Wastell : violoncello – “Over the last 40 odd years, free improvisation in Britain has shown itself capable of renewal and innovation on several occasions. Mark Wastell has made an important contribution to this renewal. His work has generated sufficient interest and influence for it to attract new movement and genre labels from writers and critics, and it has sent ripples through both UK and international improvised music. However, no sooner has one label been applied, than Mark has moved on to new territory”. (Stuart Riddle)

“Wastell proves quickly that he may possibly be one of the most technically proficient and daring cellists on the planet.” (Steve Smith)

“Mark Wastell digs into his cello body with the end of his bow and leaves a white scar; his playing sears the memory likewise.” (Ben Watson)

Rhodri Davies : harp – “These interesting sonic experiments do not disguise Rhodri’s high degree of skill as an improviser, and one who knows his chosen instrument back to front and inside out; he is fully informed as to the liberties he may take ……. some of the strongest, most innovative and most accomplished playing I’ve heard anywhere, on any instrument.” (Ed Pinsent)

“Rhodri Davies thinks and plays far beyond the harp is able to.” (Yasunao Tone)

“Rhodri Davies drags the harp into the arena of overdrive, and weaves hypnotic blocks of distorted beauty. Incredible stuff.” (Lasse Marhaug)

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Entry by donation (£5 suggested)

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