Linear Obsessional Recordings present … Saturday 22nd of November from 7:30

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Linear Obsessional Recordings presents an evening of music by artists featured on
recent releases.

Iris Garrelfs

Mike Ward – electronics, reprocessed sounds, location recordings
Mike Cross – programming, electronics, processing
Stuart Wilding – junk percussion
Kev Fox – home built cigar-box guitars

For the past eighteen years Mike Ward and Mike Cross have been working as
Longstone. Their latest vinyl release, ‘Risaikuru’, is out now on Linear Obsessional. Previous releases proved radio favourites with John Peel and Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 and crossed over to Radio 3 with plays on Mixing it and Late Junction. In recent years the core duo of Mike Ward and Mike Cross have expanded the line-up for live and recording work to include Chris Cundy (woodwinds), Stuart Wilding (percussion) and Kev Fox (guitars).

Mark Browne – soprano saxophone/percussion/small instruments
Richard Sanderson – melodeon and amplification
Daniel Thompson – guitar

Mark, Richard and Daniel first played together in the early spring of 2014 after
meeting in Aylesbury to record some music as a trio. The results were captured
beautifully and are released as ‘The 1926 Floor Polish Variations’ on Linear
Obsessional. Their music is filled with moments of virtuosity, humour, space,
antagonism and lyricism and they move through their improvisations with a sense of
exploratory wonder.

Iris Garrelfs:
Iris Garrelfs is a composer/performer intrigued by change, fascinated with voices and definitely enamoured by technology. She often uses her voice as raw material, which she transmutes into machine noises, choral works or pulverised “into granules of electroacoustic babble and glitch, generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing” as the Wire Magazine put it.

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From 7:30pm – £5 donation

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