Exhibition: ‘Black Bridges’ : Artigon. 4th to 7th August 2016

The Line-Sebasti¦o Castelo Lopes (2)Private View Thursday 4th August – 6pm to 9:30pm

Artigon is a creative social start-up founded by Eugenia Douka, aimed at promoting emerging artists. Their aim is to collaborate with and to exhibit exciting emerging artists, organize inspiring art workshops and pop up exhibitions in various locations in and outside London, feature artists and sell art and prints. with the understanding that cultural poverty is a major issue therefore aiming to take art everywhere, helping young artists show and sell their work.

Artigon is much more than just a conventional gallery. It is a platform where passionate creatives can build up experience dealing with the general public. It aims to inspire artists carry on making artwork, meet and collaborate with new artists and encourage them to participate in learning programs, lectures and workshops.

Black Bridges

Artigon’s first exhibition showcases the work of a number of talented emerging artists working in different media – painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. The artists come from different cultural and educational backgrounds and their work explores the presence and absence, space and mark and untold stories about themselves. The works in this show are united by their shared use of black to bridge the gap between themselves and their subject matter.

Sunday 7th, 4.00 to 5.00pm: Workshop/Performance run by Zoita ‘Feel what you feel’ . Zoita will invite people to draw with her, blindfolded to experience the drawing process with the rest of their senses.

Little Horrors-Sian Dorman (6)        Lovers-Albert Bonay (2)        Ongoing Happyness-Zoita (3)

The irresistible force and the immovable object -Frederic Anderson     Revealing and Concealing- Heather Macdonald      Revenge of a mortal hand-Giulia Cacciuttolo


Frederic Anderson

Frederic Anderson is currently halfway through the MFA degree course at UAL Wimbledon College of Art. Prior to this he studied life drawing under an artist applying David Bomberg’s teaching methods. His practice is strongly rooted in drawing from direct observation. Drawing affords him the immediacy he needs to grasp fleeting relationships of mood, tone, space, vibration, absence/presence, light and dark. He often works in series to build layered composite images of a single subject seen from multiple viewpoints.

For Anderson the process of drawing serves as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, facilitating a record of a transient past moment, a residue of an intense moment of vision.

The finished drawings hover between figuration and abstraction, sometimes having the appearance of being ‘out of phase’. They inhabit the space between how we believe things to be and how they actually appear – the space in which, under persistent observation, things begin to fall apart.

Albert Bonay

Albert Bonay, Barcelona, 1990, currently living and producing in London. He studied two postgraduate diplomas: Contemporary Creation and Documentary Photography at IDEP (Barcelona). He did a Fine Arts degree in Barcelona and at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milano). Bonay has done solo exhibitions like: 2016 Works On Paper, Store Street (London), 2014 Double, Trouble, Krstorebackyard (Barcelona), 2014 Cube, Wa’kü Store&gallery (Barcelona), 2013 Aleph, Espai Maragall (Gavà), 2013 Revisiones, Espai Maragall (Gavà), 2013 Hermet&Co, Corretger5 (Barcelona), and also group exhibitions in Paris, London, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Bonay’s work explores aspects of the human condition, especially on questions of identity and sexuality. Bonay proposes cognitive enigmas in which he confronts differing levels of representation: abstract and figurative, symbolic and literal. Central to these are the concepts of space, the fleeting nature of time and briskly appearing, evasive geometric figures. He pulls from diverse bibliographic references and themes ranging from mass media, art history and his own imagination

Giulia Cacciuttolo

Giulia Cacciuttolo (b. Rome 1991) lives and works in London. She holds a first class BA degree in Painting – Academy of Fine Arts of Rome – and she is currently attending the MA Painting at the University of Arts of London.

Her practice is focused on the general concepts of time and space connected with memory. Bringing forward Bachelard’s idea of the physical house as a reflection of our mental shelter, she explored Heidegger’s idea of dwelling. It is deeply linked with the concept of being: the word dwell itself in its original significance meant to be; meant ‘the way we exists’ as human beings

Her research is intent to explore the mechanics between time, space and memory, how they interact and what is our position in this regard as human beings, through a constant material and technical research.

Sebastião Castelo Lopes

Sebastião Castelo Lopes (b. Lisbon, 1994) is currently working and studying in London. He holds a BA degree in Drawing – University of Fine Arts, Lisbon – and he is currently attending the MA Drawing at Wimbledon College of Arts.

On his work, he explores the creation of the form, and integral to this exploration, the sensory experience that the viewer can have with the form. It is a study of shape, structures, material, space, mark-making, textures, tones and contrasts. Recently, Sebastião´s pieces have encompassed the idea of structures that tell the story of their own making. Fundamentally, his interested to discover what shape could work in a specific space and in what material could that shape work better, making the works nothing but an attempt to create an object that works for a specific space.

Sian Dorman

Siân Naomi Dorman is a contemporary freelance Textiles Artist, Designer and Educator living and working in North London. Dorman graduated a BA Textiles Design course with first Class Hons at The University of The Arts: Chelsea College of Art & Design during the summer of 2014. Siân has an enthusiasm and passion for Textiles, having specialised in the pathway of mixed media, she experiments with a vast array of materials and processes that more often than not, realise a 3D structural outcome. Her bold and expressive works can be interpreted as Sculpture or wearable Art. Dorman’s work varies in colour from project to project with the ability to produce both colourfully bold vibrant pieces as well as subtle monochrome. With a desire to become an innovator in Constructed Textiles, the Artist has been raising her Profile by working collaboratively with other Creators of varied disciplines.

Sustainability is an important aspect of the Artists’ practice and while not wishing to limit her creativity or the materials & processes used, she includes additional objectives to consciously improve on areas within the design process which could impact further on the Environment. Designing for recyclability and to minimise waste are the Artists’ main intentions within each and every creation, as the use of combined materials (metals, woods and plastic), are often deemed as causation of environmental threat.

Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald (b.1994) is a mixed media artist and graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2015.

At the center of her practice is an autobiographical study of identity, sexuality, and gender. This is explored using collage, printmaking, and sculpture. Using an already existing object, such as a playing card or her own body, she is interested in re- interpreting images in order to change their original meaning. This editorial process enables her to challenge the viewer’s already existing ideals and norms.

‘Revealing and Concealing’

Series of face and body prints – Baby oil and graphite powder on paper.

“Following several jaw operations at The Royal London Hospital I have created a body of work which resembles my own documentation, such as a scan or x-ray, of the change in my appearance which has given me new identity. Through the course of the project the work gradually evolved from face prints to body prints and thus the project grew from representing my visual appearance to revealing my new found confidence and inner self as I print my body with concealed modesty.”


Zoita (born Delia Calinescu, Romania, 1978) is a Romanian multidisciplinary artist which lives and creates in London and Bucharest, Romania. She studies MA Fine Art in Central Saint Martin – UAL, starting from October 2016.

Primarily a painter, she has developed projects that combine painting techniques with other artistic means such as photography, installation, performance and drawing.

In her artistic practice, the artist adopts various pictural styles, expressing her need to divide creativity. With a predominantly monochrome approach, the artist developed her career preferences towards texture, volumetric and space. Black for the artist means knowledge and white, her sincerity over this world. The experimental side of Zoita tends to combine all these disciplines into an art that speaks about people, about what they have and they had lost.

So far, the artist exhibited in Bucharest, Prague and Washington and London .

Zoita has works in international expositions and art collections, such as Dezauzié and Benetton.

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