Exhibition: Hoxton Museum of the Future. 30th & 31st July 2016

Ministry of Stories creative writing club, Hoxton Street, East London by Tom OldhamWhat would London look like in the next centuries? That was the question put to the young people of Ministry of Stories, a local writing charity.

‘Hoxton Museum of the Future’ will showcase 40 children’s ideas of how our city will change in the next few hundred years – from Space-Football to the rise of the Evil Washing Machines

The Museum will open to the public: Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July  11am – 5pm

There will be five zones, each exploring a different theme: Creature Attack, Natural Disasters, New Worlds, Technology and Time Travel, detailed in a collection of artefacts, pictures and sound recordings.



Ministry of Stories creative writing club, Hoxton Street, East London by Tom OldhamAbout the Project

The future is a fertile ground for ideas: the opportunities of new technologies, the challenges of environmental problems and the intrigue of the unknown.

The Ministry of Stories are running a year of projects where they encourage young people to engage with the imaginative potential of the future – not only to give them a wide-ranging creative playground, but also to empower our best ideas generators with the creative skills they’ll need to shape our future. All of the stories within the museum have been written by Hoxton children aged 8-12, who have been working with us in our Thursday and Saturday out-of- school groups.

About the Ministry of Stories

The Ministry of Stories is a writing centre hidden behind Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop on Hoxton Street. We help young people with their writing, working with them to grow their imaginations and build confidence. Together we have created books, newspapers, TV soap opera and now a museum!

We believe that every child should be able to discover the joy of writing and every week, open our doors, so hundreds of young people have a safe and creative space to do just that.

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