Jerico Orchestra. Sunday 24th July 3:30-6:30pm

On Sunday June 24th Jerico Orchestra returns to Hundred Years Gallery to present two new pieces: J.O.5576 and J.O.6683.

These works continue the band’s on-going exploration of the relationship between visual art and sound, referencing both the history of Fine Art performance and the origins of experimental music.

Bettina Shroeder (electric ukelele), Keisuke Matsui (guitar, objects), Adam Bohman (prepared strings & amplified objects), Mark Rathmell (electronics), James Smith (electronics), James Malone (guitar), Grahame Painting (cello), Paul Shearsmith (pocket trumpet), Wil Miles (flute)

“Both Klee and Kandinsky were musicians  before they were painters….. all music has a visual aspect…..Even the design of a record cover can determine how we respond to the tracks within…….like For Your Pleasure by Roxy Music…all the tracks sound dark blue, deep black, with flashes of sliver coming to the surface…….The relationship between the visual and the musical is part of our cultural heritage. ”  ~ Rita Says, 2016.

Doors 3:30 | performance 4pm | entry £5:00.






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