Exhibition: Dig The Giant Whole. Thursday 4th July 18:00-22:30

Through this amalgamation of images, we aim to configure a range of realities that stand; sometimes seen, some times imagined, sometimes created but all spaces for the movement of narratives, ideas and histories  ‘When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools’. Celebrating society, communities and lone walkers. Dig The Giant Whole is a geographical topography for soil, spades, exploration and loose doors. The show will feature the work of Hexa KooHilda RainaAyomi ToyoSasha Davai and Kirico Ueda.

Sosa brings forth alternative methods of image making through the story of a crab searching for a place. Using Arduino, a software used to build digital objects, a narrative is created on home as a moving settlement, life as an obtuse open road.

A Hero’s Journey’s explores the spiritual nature of the pilgrimage, nurturing the perspective of the outsider. Moving within distant and new surrounding to connect the past and the present, delving into the artist’s own personal history, the publication looks into the idea of memory, time and place.

Accumulation Of Truth’ further delves into the symphony of both being and becoming this time in the artist’s hometown of Jakarta. It speaks of a journey of searching and welcoming the continually shifting realities of which we are as we face confrontation with multiple, evolving truths.

Everywhere, Nowhere We Go plays with the staged space, creating a place that is no where and simultaneously everywhere. Where sound is a ruptured hum, as if frozen everyone comes.

Participation Mystique’ tells the tale of theatric performance where all participants seem to be destined to play a short play enforcing that we simply are all just fools and stray monsters.

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