Film Screening: Feminist India – In Her Words by Annei Zaidi and Veil Done by Juhi Bhatt. 30.06.2019.

Feminist India: a programme of films exploring the subject of feminism in the Indian Subcontinent. In this first instalment of the programme, we will be screening two documentaries (U.K. Premiere) In Her Words by Annie Zaidi and Veil Done by Juhi Bhatt, followed by a brief discussion. 

Programmed by Vasudha Wantu.

In Her Words
 traces the historic and social journeys of Indian women’s lives as revealed through the literature they created in every era. The story of how women lived and their march towards freedom and self-definition were not officially documented. However, through the verses of nuns, bhakti devotee rebels, folk songs, verses written by courtesans, amateur anthropologists, the memoirs of activists and modern literature, we witness the oppressions and aspirations of Indian womanhood over two millennia.

Duration: 43min  |  Language: English, Hindi & Bengali with English subtitles.

ANNIE ZAIDI writes across several genres including reportage, fiction, drama and film. She was recently named the Nine Dots Prize winner for 2019. She is also the winner of The Hindu Playwright Award 2018, for Untitled 1, and her radio play, Jam, was regional (South Asia) winner for the BBC’s International Playwriting Competition. She has published Gulab, Love Stories # 1 to 14Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales and co-authored The Good Indian Girl. She is also the editor Unbound: 2000 Years of Indian Women’s Writing.




Veil Done – Shah Jahan is fed up of people calling her fat. Mehru Nisha longs to step out of the house. Afroz Jamala is terrified of growing numbness in her hands. Three women from Nizamuddin basti, Delhi, take a decision that sets them on a journey to find themselves – they join a gym.

Duration: 30 min  |  Language: Hindi & Urdu with English subtitles.


Juhi Bhatt is a freelance filmmaker based in Mumbai. Her active involvement in college theatre in Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and subsequent training in filmmaking from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia enabled her to pursue her interest in storytelling. She has worked on documentaries, television commercials, TV shows and corporate films over the last eight years. Her work themes include- women and child issues, environment, urban infrastructure, basic income scheme and financial literacy in rural areas. She has written and directed for organizations such as UNICEF, SAARC, SEWA, Bharat Bala Productions, NDTV Goodtimes and Travelxp Channel.



Doors: 15:30 | Screening: 16:00 | Entry Free

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