Exhibition: Drawings & Paintings by Matthew Randle. 13th July to 6th August 2023

Private view  Thursday 13th July 6.30 to 9.30
Finissage Saturday 5th August 7pm to 9pm

Despite the breathtaking scope of his artistic activities, painting and drawing have been continuously present in Matthew Randle’s work.

Over the past few years, Matthew’s way of painting and drawing has noticeably changed. His earlier works were often executed quickly and recklessly, taking cues from whatever was around him at the given moment. He also tended to change a work completely – for better or worse – with one spontaneous gesture just when it seemed to be finished. Recent works are far more considered, build up over the course of weeks or months. They appear to be the result of introspection and of a continuous correspondence of feeling and image. During the process, they achieve more and more lightness, while keeping traces of tenderness, cruelty, exertion and exuberance in balance.

They possess the kind of sensibility of a body which has been subjected to the cold for a while and now is slowly regaining its sense of touch. The numbness that makes everything seem slippery, little by little gives way to the perception of textures and intricate forms. These works are an exploration of feeling, of desires and ways of freeing oneself.







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