Exhibition: Icons of the Information Age by Jamie Stantonian. Ground floor 29th June to 9th July 2023

Icons of the Information Age : Jamie Stantonian
Private view Thursday 29th June 6.30-9.30pm

In the past year, Generative AI has provoked both excitement and existential dread in the creative world. Right now it’s unclear whether it threatens to extinguish human creative ability or represents yet another fundamentally disruptive innovation like the printing press, photograph or the moving image. While it has the controversial ability to mimic artistic styles, it can also synthesise and blend from its vast depths, to conjure entirely new aesthetic vistas. A creative accelerant for an exponential age.

This exhibition features portraits of key figures in the history of information technology’s long evolution, from Ada Lovelace and Wendy Carlos to Claude Shannon and Marshall McLuhan, generated in Midjourney in January 2023, as well as a selection of newer pieces.

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