Exhibition : Paula Garcia Stone : Convergences in Time. 5th to 15th October

Solo exhibition awarded to the winner of Hundred Years Gallery’s 2017 Open Call exhibition, ‘As It Stands’,  selected by visitor’s vote

Private view 5th of October 6.30 to 9.30 | Basement gallery

‘Convergences in Time’ comes from many years of art practice. The subject of my work has always been the human body, though it can be present in its absence when dealing with aspects of human experience, such as in the film/ animation ‘A dead flower reanimates’ where the flower represents a human being coming back to life following, in my case, traumatic surgery. For many years I have looked at the workings of the inside of the body, in my own hospital data, and high magnification images of parts of the body (skin, hair, and blood), Through metaphor, and a process of electronic manipulation, I created hybrid forms. In this exhibition I have made large a photograph of a tiny piece of my skin at nano scale, showing contrasting phases in our consciousness of reality
itself. My interest in the body/mind is rooted in my experience of developing and living with diabetes and its complications for 42 years. The ideas of different levels of reality is reflected in the soundscape/film ‘Night Drift’ where the sounds move in and out with the breath as we sleep, inside our dreams while taking in the outside noises. I first used sound in my work in 2003 after attaining sounds of viruses and bacteria in human cells. When in 2008 I studied Sound Design and Music Technology at LCC, this consolidated sound as central to my practice.

My soundscapes take us into the human experience, by exploring the spirit of being in a particular space or situation. The pieces tend to have a narrative. My sense of composition comes from my Fine Art background. I use both recorded and synthesized sounds, layering, and traditional methods with technology together. I am starting to explore making pieces with musicians who improvise. The piece ‘night Drift’, 2017, is one such work.

These aspects all ‘converge’ in my pieces. Where in a painting time is captured all in one frame, animation does this in many frames over time, and sound and music is experienced as temporal.

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