nonhappenings. Saturday 7th October 7:30

Phil Maguire
Phil Maguire is a fiercely experimental electronic musician, improvisor and sound artist. Malfunction permeates his music, utilising sine tone oscillators, noise, found sound, and obsolete audio technology to create intimate, engrossing sonic environments.

Embracing low-cost ethics, Phil’s primary instruments range from microcomputers and battered cassette recorders, to open-source software and plundered online audio. His main concerns are investigations of identity and place, via timbral qualities of sounds stumbled upon in day-to-day life: environment, software, internet.

Phil runs verz imprint, a quiet music label, event series, and radio show.

Lola de la Mata
Lola de la Mata is a London based artist, musician and composer/violinist whose practice focuses around the body, collaboration and listening. Her work ranges from monotypes and graphic scores to installations and compositions for movement, voice, electronics and classical instruments.

James Malone
James L Malone is an improvising guitarist living in London. He has performed with musicians such as Eddie Prévost, Ute Kanngeisser, Phil Durrant, Steve Beresford and Adam Bohman. Regular projects include: Onin (with Joe Wright), a duo with Phil Maguire and Frost&Malone (with Reuben Kyriakides).

Tom Smith
Tom Smith is a classical guitarist with an interest in contemporary repertoire that expands the possibilities of the instrument by using either physical objects (‘preparations’) or electronic processing. He is currently studying under Sam Cave and has taken part in workshops with such prominent guitarists as Craig Ogden, Vincent Lindsey-Clark and Clive Carroll.

He is also a member of the London Mandolin Ensemble, who perform frequently around London and were recently featured on BBC Radio 3.

Jttrbug (Louie Marlow)
Jttrbug is the side project of Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Louie Marlow. Focusing on improvisation and looping utilising guitar, tape, found sound and other sources through heavy effects to create ambience, noise or glitched soundscapes

Wizard Sleeve
Fresh improvised noise that could end up going a number of ways

Door 7:30 | music 8:00 | £5

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