James O’Sullivan / NIL / Found Drowned. Saturday 14th October 7:30

(Dan Powell and Chris Parfitt)

James O’Sullivan

(James O’Sullivan/ Paul May/ Pete Marsh)

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5

Nil is Chris Parfitt on wind instruments, voice and found objects and Dan Powell on tuned percussion, found objects and voice. They combine acoustic free improvisation with elements of performance art and have performed at venues across the South East. Nil explore the boundaries between audience and performer, as well as the not very loud and the very quiet.

James O’Sullivan is a London-based electric guitar player. His work explores the relationship between improvisation, recording and performance.

Found Drowned is a London based acoustic/electric improvising trio, mixing good old fashioned noise with free jazz skronk and introspective rumbling.

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