Exhibition + Book Launch : The Butterfly Dream by Rachel Adeline Holmes. 18th to 20th August

Rachel Holmes is happy to present an exhibition of artworks at Hundred Years Gallery from 18-20th August to coincide with the launch of The Butterfly Dream – an anthology of short stories and illustrations published by Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers Press. The book launch will take place on the evening of Friday 20th August.

Inspired by the central motif of an amnesiac dancer who discovers she is a doll, and Elijah the toymaker who chokes on his laughter and ascends to heaven, Rachel’s stories and artworks explore the metamorphic dream space of forgetting, remembering, and becoming.

Rachel Holmes is an artist and writer with research interests in “anthropology beyond the human”, ecstatic experience and anti-capitalist theory. She is influenced by forms of rejected knowledge including the occult as a feminist practice, dream theory and animism. She is currently conducting her TECHNE funded doctorate project The Body Without Identity at Kingston School of Art.

Last week a shaman
Contacted me
Out of the blue.

He said my art
Is channelling spirits
and that I should ask my dreams

You can book here for the online book launch that will be broadcast live from the gallery on the 20th August. You will be able to see the exhibition and also hear Rachel read from The Butterfly Dream during a 1 hour filming of the event. It is free but donations accepted here. Donations will go towards the exhibition space rental.


Event programme:

Wednesday 18th August, 17:30: exhibition opening (online preview from 16:00 BST)
Thursday 19th August, 12:00-19:00: exhibition
Friday 20th August, 12:00-19:00: exhibition
17:00: book launch
17:30: film screening ‘Son of the Root’
18:00: reading and performance

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