Exhibition: The Origin, Men and Water, by Zumar7. 11 to 21 October 2018. Ground floor.

Private View Thursday 11 October 6:30 – 9:30

“Since the beginning of the year I have started drawing with charcoal and pastels. With the impulse to draw and give shapes to feelings I have created the first images; at the beginning black was the only thing necessary. It was primitive, genuine, mysterious and infinite. While working on different layouts, a sort of common idea was often present, the origin, and to facilitate the process, dust and fire were often found in the layouts. Fire from an explosion, dust from an old living room. Water almost absent. Then thanks to the changing of the seasons and my childish dreams colours took the upper hand. So I left my studio at home and began merging within society. I have been going to places of my interest without a clear idea but sketching. Men which constitutes the absent water. I visited places where people gather together or where they used to. A desolate art museum, a few churches with something intangible in there,modern cafes or places of aggregation. The origin has a sort of warmth; a warmth characterized by the presence of the elements. In this context, men found place and add substance to the primordial mixture. I am not sure where this new approach to drawing will take me, but at the moment is suffice to know that within these marks and countenances I can go back, to the long time missed origin.”

Federico De Cicco, aka Zumar7, is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. All his works are made by hand using pastels, inks and acrylics, and often a combination of the two. In the last few years he has focused mainly on the creation of editorial images for magazines or websites. At the same time, he also produces more experimental images based on personal projects or when taking part in art exhibitions.

Parallel to this show,  from the 19th to 21st of October, Federico De Cicco will be working on a three days residency in the GreArt shop in Kingsland Road ( No 1 Art Materials Supplier) currently in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery. He has been selected this year as one of the promising artists to expose his practice within the weekends residencies program sponsored by GreArt . He will take this opportunity to create new pastels works as well as explore different new materials; also he will carry on with his live drawing series made both in the shop itself and around the Hoxton surrounds.


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