Exhibition: ‘HYG Editions’. 27th August to 2nd October


Galoshin v's the Doctor2014HRGallery Ground Floor.

Opening Night: Thursday 1st September. 7:00 to 9:30 pm.

Hundred Years Gallery proudly presents HYG Editions.

The exhibition is a relaunch of the Spring issue of the project with some new entries. The project and exhibition opening on the 27th of August includes new work by 9 artists who are regular collaborators of the Gallery.

The exhibition brings together for a limited period a collection of works that includes fine art prints, photogravure, etching and artist`s books.

Artists include Owen Oppenheimer, Angela Darby, Nick JS Thompson, Stephanie Theobald, Helen Bermingham, Lex Thomas, Neville Sattentau, Jaime Valtierra and Sisetta Zappone.

The ‘HYG Editions’ initiative presents affordable limited editions in an accessible and friendly environment. The works are a wide selection of new and exciting work by practitioners with a passionate commitment for the arts.

Hundred Years Gallery is a not for profit organisation, but as yet, it is also not publicly funded. By investing in HYG Editions, you can become an integral part of this venture, supporting the Gallery`s program and the artists who are participating in the project.

For more details about the project and the works please visit:



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