Hostile Takeover : ‘Between Good and Evil’ Debate. Thursday 29th September 6:30pm

The ‘Between Good and Evil’ debate is presided over by the nefarious financial spirit that has taken possession of Hundred Years Gallery, who will reveal his marketing strategy and will invite the speakers to address the paradoxical relationship between Art and Capital, and the phenomena of Illusion, Gentrification and Creative Destruction seen from the community of a small independent art gallery.

Free admission | 6:30-8:00pm

Speakers Panel:

Milan Todorovic. Backed up by decades of creative experience and enhanced by multidisciplinary approaches to strategy, Milan Todorovic authored the research monograph, Rethinking strategy for creative industries: Innovation & Interaction, which draws on 8 years of recorded longitudinal fieldwork.
Milan led a seminal alternative art and music venue, created short films and videos and has worked as an academic and consultant covering many areas of creative and cultural industries. Decisively, moreover, he defines himself an artist and reflexive explorer. Milan creates visual, audio-visual, experimental works, concepts and complex narratives. He has led or contributed to art shows, performances, public speaking engagements, film and video events, production, broadcasts, artistic and music happenings in several countries.

Ian Wolter. The winner of the Arte Laguna Art Prize 2016 and the Global Sustainability Art Prize 2015, Ian Wolter’s work has generated headlines nationally and internationally. His work probes the boundaries between politics, art and society. He is fascinated by the increasingly accepted culture of lying and liars in business and politics, and by those who connive to put their own interests ahead of society’s.
He finds inspiration in materials and process and seeks to make ‘solid’ or ‘permanent’ sculptures from industrial fluids, powders and unctuous waxes or petroleum jellies. He is led to create machines with which to convey very human and humane messages. A recent graduate in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, he is based in London and Cambridge.

Andor Merks. Media artist & entrepreneur, Asthetics & Physics Studies. Since 2003 he has been developing an interactive platform to facilitate his experimental video works. His interest in the real-time manipulation of visual compositions has led to a series of custom softwares. The cognitive coding of artistic information has evolved into a 3D virtual unreality. These generative algorithms root equally in his theoretical research and artistic concept.

Melina Payne. Melina is currently interning at the not-for-profit art organisation, Sweet ‘Art. Here, she regularly contributes to it’s PR, upkeep of social media websites and curating of exhbitions. She has also recently published an article for Loving Dalston about gentrification in East London. Having put university on hold in Australia (her home country), Melina hopes to eventually return to her studies and develop a better understanding of the art world and gallery business.

Bill Howard. A cross-media curator and artist, practicing as film-maker, writer, theorist and designer, Bill combines an active arts practice with staging and managing film events in the UK and overseas, and runs groups including Films for Food and Lab Film Projects. His performance, video works and writing involve constructions of landscape, body and memory, with an undercurrent of industrial heritage and social conflict. Born in London, he is a bridge between underground art and institutions, and has observed lectured and written about change creativity and gentrification many times in the UK and overseas.

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