‘Handmade Biophilia’. From 23rd to 31st of October

Camille Lesourd and Ivan  (joint show in the gallery basement)

Private view: Thursday 24th of October from 6.30 to 9.30

Originally from La Paz – Bolivia, Ivan started painting at the age of eight inspired by Indian ink and tempera drawings left by an uncle. He studied Fine Art at the Institute of Fine Arts in La Paz.

“What drives me to paint is the challenge to express my perception of time, our time. I see it as a way to channel day to day of awareness through images, using for this purpose mainly oil colours and different graphic techniques to achieve the desired meaning, I have perhaps grown more meticulous as I progressed in painting so my ideas and inspiration have also evolved.

“Painting, drawing and sculpture are all part of the same manual arts, which are able to give a deeper satisfaction than other more logical or rational tasks. Colours, shapes and volumes give life to a different dimension of thought – this medium which we call Biophilia.

“Painting for me is a state of mind expressed through the senses, something difficult to be taught if it’s not in our nature”

Camille Lesourd is a 25 year-old BA Fine Art graduate with a studio in South West London.

“I am a painter working on different techniques with a preference for oil with its rich potential. My work is focused on landscape. A recent trip to Patagonia made me discover the power of nature. I started to work from images of glaciers and explored the representation of water and ice. I found a new gesture through brush marks. I love to emphasise the strength of textures in paint. Colour vibrations constitute a permanent fascination and experimentation for me. This leads me to abstraction as my laboratory. For me painting doesn’t exist without exploring the vibrations of colours. Action painting provides me with freedom and happiness”.

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