‘Interval II’. From 22nd to 31st of October

Interval II (ground floor)

Hundred Years Gallery is proud to present “Interval II”, a selection of original and collectible artworks, drawings, art fetishes and objects by various artists belonging to or currently working in the gallery.

Rita SaysAntonio MenaJuan Gallego PinazoMary Lemley

Rita Says: For this show Rita Says presents works both old and new: a combination of performance documentation (photos and drawing)and three recent collage pieces made from the defaced pages of fashion magazines torn up and rearranged into configurations reminiscent of Hannah Höch and Arnulf Rainer.

Mary Lemley: In 2001, 56 drawings from the illustrations of 1960s Ladybird books, were made as a way into the research for the films on autism and art that Mary Lemley was to make in collaboration with her step son Gabriel Hardisty-Miller, a child with autism. They were a part of a process to gain understanding about consciousness and language through the subjective experience. Then the drawings were just put to the side.

By 2007 Gabriel was now a young adult with autism, and there was very little funding from Social Services for Gabriel to lead an everyday life. Mary then brought out the drawings to raise the much need funds for Personal Assistants, and with them she started the Gabriel’s Angels Fund and called the drawings “Nouns for Gabriel”. Sadly Gabriel died last year. Yet the savage and uncaring funding cuts meant that Mary was constantly trying to raise more and more funds for Gabriel’s 24/7 needs for his declining health. Though thousands were raised to keep his Personal Assistants with him, Gabriel’s needs were beyond just their salaries – and Mary was left with a huge debt after his death. The drawings are being sold to help pay off this debt.

Antonio Mena was born in Málaga (Spain). There, he worked as a freelance photographer for 20 years, specializing in portraits. Because of the economic situation in his country,  in 2012 he decided to move to London, looking for a new opportunity in the creative world. Now, he is contributing to Hundred Years Gallery as a resident photographer in the photo-studio.

Juan Gallego Pinazo: (Malaga, Spain 1921-2009). After a long, creative and passionate  life, he  left behind just a few original posters commissioned by Spanish Cities Fiestas plus some drawings and sketches rescued by his daughter from a forgotten cupboard and brought to London, which constitute the most valuable pieces of Hundred Years Gallery collection.


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