In The Shadows of The Titans. Friday 26th May 7:30pm

In The Shadows of The Titans is the final night of Noel Grassy Macken‘s Artist Residency at Hundred Years Gallery.

Doors 7:30 | performance 8pm |Free entry / £5 donation

During the Residency Grassy Noel worked on many drawings, images and photographs that reflect the Turbulent Times we are living in and how this has affected us with rising SkyScrapers, rising homelessness, rising poverty, rising rent, and rising racism.

The words and projections expose the on-going damage brought about by ‘Consumptisitis/ Mayhemism’, The Plague of Greed and Gentri-Defecation that has hit Londinium in recent years with The Invasion of The Oligarchs and their Corporate Clones. Zombies in Suits stalk The Streets while The Poor are forced into exile in ‘The Great Urban Clearances’.

Grassy Noel has lived in Hackney for many years but has performed and worked all over the metropolis. London has always been a city of migrants. All the multi-cultural artists taking part in the show live in The Shadows of The Titans.

Artists include:
Mai Nguyen Tri performing with Fear of Fluffing. Mai will be performing  ‘Alicia In The City of Night’. Mai Mesmerises an Audience with her Metamorphosing, Magic and Movement performing with the Music of The Amazing Fear of Fluffing and Vocalizations and Words by Grassy Noel
Mervyn Diese sings his very astute stories of Truth and Indignation, Protest and Resistance against the onslaught of The Oilysharks.
Mark Rathmell performs his acerbic micro-stories that explore the underbelly of contemporary society.
Ivor Kailin plays viola and vocalises a plethora of voices of repressed angst and agitation creating an aural feast of sounds.
Lisa Omura plays the hell out of the piano and sings fantastic songs full of dream images, particle meta-physics and traditional Japanese poetry.
Grassy Noel & APE perform “Alicia In The Shadows of The Titans.” This piece will be performed with the amplified guitar of Keisukei Matsui with a plethora of other amplified objects and mini-instruments; The Sustaining Saxophone of Big Mike Walter, possibly Graham Mackeachan on Upright Bass an assortment of very specialised objects, Mark Rathmell on Symphonic I-Pad; Vocalizations by Grassy Noel, and many more amazing ImproVisarios.
Projections: Grassy Noel

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