Residency : Grassy Noel : 20th & 27th April + 12th & 26th May. 3pm-7pm

Noel Grassy Macken is a Hackney based artist who works in many mediums including: drawing, painting, poetry, plays, radio performance, projection and music.

As a locally based artist Grassy Noel sees this residency as a unique opportunity to create a Performance Piece, “Alicia In The Shadow of The Titans”. The piece is a response to and an exploration of the encroaching city and The Gentrification that has changed the Area and Rhythm of Life in this neighbourhood. The piece will be performed with The Great ImproVisarios APE and an assortment of other Musicians, Dancers, Vocalizations, Visualisations, and Live Drawing.
“Alicia In The Shadow of The Titans” is a celebration of the Non-Conformists and The Alternative Voices of Hackney. The Palette will mainly Consist of Primaries, infusing colour into a world saturated with the dulling Greys of Cold Concrete, Glass and Steel that is currently dominating The Urban-Scape. The drawings and paintings created will be used as projections and backdrops for the performance.

Grassy Noel has performed in a myriad of places all over London from The Foundry to The Tate, from a Plethora of Squats to The Design Museum, from The Science Museum to Hundred Years Gallery. Grassy Noel first came to Hackney in 1979 and has been living here on and off ever since. ….

The Residency will culminate in an evening of performances on Friday 26th May

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